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Churchill review – Brian Cox's jowl-quivering addition to the cult of Winston


Cox’s wartime leader is haunted by fears about the Normandy landings in Jonathan Teplitzky’s watchable biopic

‘ . . This drama cloyingly invents a doe-eyed secretary for Winston with a sweetheart among the invading forces whose first name is Arthur, Gawd help us. Well, it’s watchable. Miranda Richardson plays Churchill’s wife, Clemmie, shrewdly: imperious, exasperated, gimlet-eyed.’

Winston Churchill’s black dog: portraying the ‘greatest Briton’ on screen - As the wartime leader returns to cinemas, the screenwriter reflects on the challenges of portraying Churchill, vulnerabilities and all

Brian Cox: ‘It horrified me when the three amigos, Clegg, Cameron and Miliband, arrived in Scotland’ - The actor explains why he left the Labour party, how putting on weight to play Churchill was more fun than taking it off again afterwards – and why he’ll never be best friends with a certain physicist …

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