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Qatar - all you need to know


A brief explainer for anyone who wonders why we should care about Qatar:
 photo QatarTurkeyGasLine_01.png
Ď . . As ZeroHedge pointed out yesterday itís about energy and the money and power that comes with it. Surprise:

ďThe real reason behind the diplomatic fallout may be far simpler, and once again has to do with a long-running and controversial topic, namely Qatarís regional natural gas dominance.

Recall that many have speculated (with evidence going back as far back as 2012) that one of the reasons for the long-running Syria proxy war was nothing more complex than competing gas pipelines, with Qatar eager to pass its own pipeline, connecting Europe to its vast natural gas deposits, however as that would put Gazpromís monopoly of European LNG supply in jeopardy, Russia had been firmly, and violently, against this strategy from the beginning and explains Putinís firm support of the Assad regime and the Kremlinís desire to prevent the replacement of the Syrian government with a puppet regime.Ē

With nearly 30% of global LNG supply, Qatar has more natural gas than Michael Moore after a bowl of cauliflower. And whatís more, it has the lowest extraction rates in the world. Itís how they got to be the richest country in the world on a per capita basis.í


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