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Re^2: Careless talk by those who should know better


On Wed May 24, Bob Bridges wrote
. . So if the Guardian is right, the Brits' calculation changes a bit, and they'll tell us less next time.

Not next time - this time:

Officers investigating Manchester Arena bombing take decision as transatlantic row over leaks escalates:

British police have stopped sharing evidence from its investigation into the terror network behind the Manchester bombing with the United States after a series of leaks left investigators and the government furious. The ban is limited to the Manchester investigation only, with British police believing the leaks are unprecedented in their scope, frequency and potential damage . .  

Ian Blair, the former Metropolitan police commissioner during the 2005 London underground bombings on 7/7, said his investigation was also troubled by leaks from US intelligence . . he was sure the leaks had “nothing to do with Trump” given that similar leaks had happened during his own time investigating a terror attack.

“I’m afraid this reminds me exactly of what happened after 7/7, when the US published a complete picture of the way the bombs had been made up. We had the same protests. It’s a different world in how the US operates in the sense of how they publish things. And this is a very grievous breach but I’m afraid it’s the same as before.” .  .


Live updates:

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