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Re: Max, what can you tell about the movie _Hook_?


Bob, it was released in December which is a great time for films. It ranked #1 in box office on it's release. It grossed $300m world wide. Therefore, it didn't lose money on it's $70m budget.
3 years later, Pirates of the Caribean, a film we can all agree was a huge success was released in december. It grossed $400m and some change.
So, Hook didn't lose, but it wasn't the sequel spewing winner it might have been.

Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:      $119,654,823        39.8%
+ Foreign:      $181,200,000        60.2%
= Worldwide:      $300,854,823     
Domestic Summary
Opening Weekend:      $13,522,535
(#1 rank, 2,197 theaters, $6,155 average)
% of Total Gross:      11.3%

Widest Release:      2,254 theaters

n Thu Jan 25, Bob Bridges wrote
>I'm describing Walt Disney for a benighted foreigner (Nigerian, actually) and got to looking things up.  I happened to notice on IMDb that the movie Hook (not Disney, but one thing leads to another) had an estimated budget of $70M and grossed $113M in the US.  That doesn't sound like a lot of profit; did Hook actually lose money before it was released worldwide?

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