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“The Pyongyang Mission”

Hoyden, and yes, Warsteiner was involved.

"The Pyongyang Mission"

“You had all the advantages a negotiator could desire, and without consultation, nay, apparently without the least reflection you took it upon yourself to throw them away….

“He must surely have seen that he was in a position to insist upon the most favorable terms….

“He could have required a detailed agreement, a properly established treaty with security for the observation of its terms….

“Rocket Man would certainly have given one of his scientists or K-Pop stars as a hostage…and a fortiori all Oriental negotiation, each side was expected to extract all possible profit….”

Captain Bone Spur replied coldly that he regarded his words as wholly binding, that he was convinced that a Nobel Prize was in the offering….

A cold feeling spread through his gut as he realized that the campaigning he so loved for the Rotten Borough of Millport would no longer turn from the rabble rousing of the few and agreeably low education electors of “lock her up” (in the Marshalsea) to “Nobel” “Nobel”.

Lacking the expertise of his advisors, most of whom he had fired by Telegraph in a fit of pique off Spithead, the core of his being; that every day was a battle against the French, and he was the victor every day before the evening gun, he downed a plate of lobscouse Taco Salad and signaled his factor to pay off the trollop who was making noise about, well, another girl here in his cot.

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