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Re^2: Where's George?

Don Seltzer

On Sat Jan 21, CAPT Caltrop wrote

>Odd no one ever mentions his rank or rate.  I will assume he was literate and perhaps an up through the hawsehole warrant officer.  Most of those below decks were not.  

One source rates him as Able Seaman, in his thirties. I don't konw if he would have been discharged after the mutiny.  In many instances troublemakers were split up and sent to other ships.

>Dead reckoning was figured after watchkeepers put pegs in holes in a representation of a 32-point compass.

The traverse board.  Every half hour the log was cast.  The speed and compass heading were recorded by a peg on the traverse board.  At the end of the watch, the vector sum of the eight segments was computed and entered into the ship's log.

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