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Re: 9 literary New Year’s resolutions

Don Seltzer

On Sat Dec 31, Chrístõ wrote
>It includes this from Fanny Burney*:

>‘ . . 4. Go with the flow: “I opened the new year with what composure I could acquire…and I made anew the best resolutions I was equal to forming, that I would do what I could to curb all spirit of repining, and to content myself calmly—unresistingly, at least, with my destiny.”**

>– In stoic fashion on 1 January 1787, the English satirical novelist resolves to content herself with her destiny. If you’re struggling to retain your composure this January, “be like Burney” and go with the flow . . ‘

>* intimate friend of Hester Thrale - Queeney’ - Jack Aubrey’s maths teacher.

I believe that Fanny was close friends with the Hester Thrale who was Queeney's mother.  A closer connection to Jack is through Fanny's brother James who sailed with Cook and was at one time Jack's captain. James Burney gave Jack one of Fanny's novels but he couldn't get into it.

Fanny's life became far more interesting after she married a French nobleman and moved to Paris just before the war resumed in 1803.  Read about her medical encounter with Napoleon's physician.

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