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Re: A war of words....

Bob Bridges

Wait, what? áWhy "rightwing"? áI mean, I get that right wingers are traditionally thought to want war more than left wingers (and not without reason), but by the same token left wingers are traditionally thought to fear war more than right wingers. áWhy are war threats over Gibraltar not leftwing panic-delusions?

Are there British politicians saying they want to declare war against Spain at this early (and likely the only) stage, really? áI'm doubtful. áI'm not over there and maybe didn't hear. áBut then, politically I'm somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun, myself, so I'm probably less likely to read into right-winger rhetoric an "imperial fantasy" that isn't really there.

On Tue Apr 4, ChrÝst§ wrote
>War threats over Gibraltar are rightwing imperial fantasies...

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