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Bob Bridges

I've been privileged to attend two POB events, one in DC and one in Chicago, and it was a real pleasure meeting fellow fans, especially those who occasionally contribute here.  I won't be in London any time soon (unless you see me there with a really, really surprised expression on my face), but let me add my happiest recommendations that you give it a try if you're the least bit tempted.

On Sun Jul 8, Terry Zobeck wrote
>I don't know whether this has been mentioned on the Forum but the British Library, in conjunction with an exhibit on Captain Cook, is hosting an evening devoted to Patrick O'Brian on July 16. Nikolai Tolstoy will give a talk about O'Brian, which will include an update on volume II of his biography.  I had the honor of being his first reader as he wrote each chapter and have read the completed revised draft.  It is fascinating and informative.  There is no publication date but I hope it will see print within the year.

>Geoff Hunt also will be speaking about his relationship with O'Brian and the work he did in producing the pictures for the dust jackets.

>And last and least, I will be the opening presenter, discussing the annotated bibliography of O'Brian's writings that I've been compiling these past many years.

>If any Forumites are in the London area next Monday, please come and stop by after the talk.  I'd love to meet folks in person.

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