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Probably a waste of time, but...

Bob Bridges

I had to do a little research to figure out what decision you were talking about, Max.  As I suspected, though, when I got there I learned that Reed was not justifying theft and murder—just admitting it, and describing its effect on the legal relationship between the US government and the various conquered originals.

Gotta admit, though, he didn't sound all that apologetic about it either.  Nothing, for example, about "much as it pains me, the legal position is such that...".

On Wed Jul 19, Max wrote
>Justice Stanley Reed, speaking for the US Supreme Court in 1955 justified taking Native land thru outright theft and murder:

> “Every American schoolboy knows that the savage tribes of this continent were deprived of their ancestral ranges by force and that, even when the Indians ceded millions of acres by treaty in return for blankets, food and trinkets, it was not a sale but the conqueror’s will that deprived them of their land.”

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