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Re^2: Gentleman in Moscow


I haven't read  'Lincoln in the Bardo'. No plan not to. Just too much going on to read as much as I like.
My astonishment at the dinner party is that GIM as about nothing if it isn't about the decade after decade changes in society post 1922. Words like "Bolsheviks" are on every page. There are cars and radios.
I'm just astonished that educated people can miss by a full century.

n Fri Aug 11, Joe McWilliams wrote
>Thanks for the heads-up, Max. I will be sure now not to make that mistake if I ever get my hands on A Gentleman in Moscow, which - due to my reliance on regional library system inventory - may not be for a long time. I checked last night and found every copy of Towle in the system is out and with a waiting list. I had no idea. Same for George Saunders, I notice. Has anyone here read 'Lincoln in the Bardo?'

>On Thu Aug 10, Max wrote
>>Well, this was depressing. I went to a dinner party of seemingly bright, educated people. Not young.
>>They were reading A Gentleman in Moscow with great enjoyment.
>>So far, so good.
>>While discussing the book however it became apparent that they thought it took place during, or right after, the Napoleonic era.

>>I didn't know where to start.

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