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Re: Continuing with moths instead


Speaking of moths and adaptations, did Stephen ever describe one of these?
This is a hummingbird hawk-moth, filmed in Norwich.  I didn't realize that there are no hummingbirds in the UK or Europe, but this moth looks exactly like one!  Can't help but think Stephen would be fascinated.

On Fri Aug 25, Bob Bridges wrote
>The article says in part "It’s sort of like the moths in Europe that swapped speckled for black wings during the Industrial Revolution, evading hungry birds by blending in with coal dust."  I read that without a qualm the first time through, forgetting until just now that the famous moths didn't adapt.  We were told at the time that they did, but I gather the later conclusion is that light-winged moths started to die off, and dark-winged moths correspondingly prospered.

>I have a hard time taking the Flat-Earth society seriously, by the way.  I got the impression somewhere that it's sort of an insider joke, that they don't really believe the earth is flat.  I shouldn't underestimate the stupidity potential—maybe a few do—but not the membership as a whole, surely.

>On Sat Aug 19, akatow wrote
>>First we have the swelling ranks of the 'Flat Earth Society', now we have a 'Science' writer for the NYT talking about moths, pigeons and sea snakes 'adapting' (quickly, no less) to pollution!!!!

>>LaMarck would be proud.

>>On Sat Aug 19, Hoyden wrote

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