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Re^2: Fanny and the 2 Hester Thrales


On Sun Jan 1, wombat wrote
> I've been getting acquainted with various people POB mentions in
> the canon - by chance, just because I've developed an interest in
> that period and am probably reading some of the sources POB would
> have. I'm surprised that Queenie is portrayed quite so generously
> in the canon. Here is Samuel Rogers, who knew everybody:
> The world was most unjust in blaming Mrs. Thrale for marrying
> Piozzi : he was a very handsome, gentlemanly and
> amiable person and made her a very good husband.
> In the evening he used to play to us most beauti-
> fully on the piano. Her daughters never would
> see her after that marriage ; and (poor woman)
> when she was at a very great age I have
> heard her say that quote " she would go down upon
> her knees to them, if they would only be reconciled
> to her."

I think you're right that POB showed Queeney rather favourably.

One thing I didn't realise was that Lord Keith and Queeney had a
daughter, the Honourable Georgina Henrietta Augusta Keith. She was
born in 1809 and lived until 1892. So Stephen was right with his
"Possibilissima". Sadly, Georgina, though she married twice, had no
children, so Queeney has no living descendents.

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