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Re: 1 gazillion = 64, it seems . .


On Tue Apr 4, Chrístő wrote

>So 1 gazillion = 64, it seems.  

Thanks for the "64", Christo - it's a reasonable sort of number.  I worked out the number of generations to me when my grandmother first showed me the book. I have never had much confidence in my maths.

> and then Captain Squire knew he was far enough from the sea to settle down and spend his last days.

Yes, an unlikely story given that the greatest seaman of them all was a Yorkshireman.

>Thank you for the excerpt from yr ancestor’s book, which has the authentic tones of the 18th century - please supply a reference or even better a working link - you'll need to use to shorten the URL for Ceilidh.

The novel/biography I quoted from is Mary Anne Wellington: The Soldier's Daughter, Wife and Widow. It makes dire reading (I can't bring myself to read it again) and is to be found at the various sites that digitise old texts . Here is the Google Books URL:

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