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Here's one read on the Far East crisis:

US: China, there's a new sheriff in town.  We're not going to send all our manufacturing to you anymore.  You steal proprietary information that contractually you can't touch.  You dump product on the US market destroying US industries.  You mess with the balance of trade.  You mess with your currency.  You make products of US companies and then sell copies of the same products on the gray market.

CHINA:  Can't we just all be friends and keep your ships out of the Pacific so we can steal the Spratlys, Paracels, Pratas, etc., etc.

DPRK:  Yap-yap, yap-yap, nuke, nuke!

US:  China, can't you get a leash on that dog?

CHINA:  US. we'd really, really like to, but we're really consumed with concern about the collapse of our economy and not getting those islands.  We really can't get too serious with this dog with all our problems.  (Kicks dog so he'll bark more.)

DPRK:  Threats, yap-yap.  Parades, yap-yap.   Missile tests, yap-yap.  Incarcerate tourists, yap-yap.  Artillery exercises. Nuke, nuke!

CHINA: Oh dear me.

In sum, China, fearing it is about to lose critical US trade, encourages the DPRK to act up with the hope of winning China concessions if it appears to be a "peacemaker."



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