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I suppose using that line of thinking what is packaged as "micro-aggressions" were...

CAPT Caltrop

On Thu Jan 26, BrandenburgThree wrote
>On Thu Jan 26, CAPT Caltrop wrote
>>Wasn't "PC" just a repackaged form of doublethink?



>No, "PC" is a repackaged form of the United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the religious ethics of the western Judeo-Christian tradition.

...a repackaging of "The Beatitudes?"

Odd, one the greatest proponents of "PC" claimed the Constitution was a hopelessly outdated document (though he himself claimed to be a Constitutional law professor), and he had nothing but contempt for Judaism (as evidence parting gifts to Israel) and Christianity (especially those who did cling to their "Bible and their guns.")  

I always felt he had nothing good to say about Judaism and Christianity, and nothing bad to say about Islam.



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