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Re: How to deal with mutiny

CAPT Caltrop

On Wed Jan 18, ChrÝst§ wrote
> ...However, he had more important matters to attend to, for the after-effects of the 1797 Spithead and Nore mutinies had reached the Mediterranean fleet...

At Spithead things ended all quite peaceably. á"On HMS Minotaur, delegate George Crossland, from Thorne, near Doncaster, petitioned Howe to remove Lieutenant William Compton 'for abuse and ill-treatment - it is the general wish of the ship's company to have him changed'. Also Surgeon Bell, 'for inattention to the sick and not being qualified'".

Great-Uncle George and the rest of the mutineers at Spithead ended up with pardons.

How to deal with a mutiny depends on what caused the mutiny, and whether the opposite ends of the spectrum were the only acceptable ends to the dispute. And of course, whether higher powers were scared enough to intercede.



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