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I'm sure that casting a kind of Spanish guy that is half Irish will pose no problems.

Acting Joe, it's what they do.

That said, Irish is pretty easy for these guys. John Vogt for example.
It's lower income Brit that seems to give them problems.

On Thu Dec 7, Joe McWilliams wrote
>Could Waltz do a convincing Irishman? I doubt it. Find an Irish actor to play an Irishman, I say.
>On Sat Dec 2, Max wrote
>>Between his own productions, Venom and Mad Max, Hardy is booked solid for at least 3 years.
>>Not a chance for a major movie sequel in my view.

>>A TV series is always possible and probably the best means to bring the books to a viewing audience.

>>That dragons in the Royal Navy book series is still kicking around but lacks a home.

>>In my opinion Christoph Waltz was born to play Stephen.
>>On Wed Nov 29, Chrístõ wrote
>>>       . . cometh the man:
>>>image host

>>>He’d need a blonde wig and an officer’s jacket but apart from that he’s battle-ready - except of course he’s much too thin - he’ll need to wear a cushion round his belly to make him authentic.

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